2b-a 32 icon New Release, 3 events right now

HAPPY DISPATCH is participating 3 events right now!
It’s all new items at each event so please come on down when you got time!


Stand light ad

For this holiday season, from HD to you – star shaped and tree shaped stand lights.
Also at this event you will find long time favored Space John and HENTAI-TIE gacha for all you party freaks for 20% off.
Yes you can play 5 times for the price of 4 rolls at regular price!


Box stool Tartan ad

Also long time loved by many, BOX STOOL is now have Tartan version at this event.
BOX STOOL -Tartan- will suit your room for Christmas decorations.
Would you like to put some gift box in the BOX? Of course you can be in there too!


White Lover BenchHotStreet Light ad

It’s gonna melt the snow! Hot and love love bench will be at this event!
Loaded up by our popular and unique couple animations plus new animations exclusive for this Bench!
Without this Bench this winter might be too long and too cold!

To make it easier to find these kind of items, there is a streetLight also available at this event!
streetLight set includes one with snow and one without. 1~2 LI depends on the sizes.

So much love and more love going this winter with HAPPY DISPATCH!


2b-a 32 icon New Release, FOREST FAMILY GACHA

The sculpter Nino’s latest art piece coming to your place.
It’s friends of forests designed, wood carving stool. It’s so cute and practical.
Put them up in your garden and welcome your friends.
AND no worry if you don’t have friends really, your family of the forest will give you a hug!

The sculpter Nino's with Forest Family gachakey 1024

2b-a 32 icon New Release, Full perm couple anim 13-16      

After 3 years here comes new full permission couple animations.

Full permission animations for builders.
Four the most popular couple animations from our product releases now available for builders.


2b-a 32 icon Japanese traditional Yokai masks out loose now!        

New release from HAPPY DISPATCH.

Japanese traditional Yokai masks out loose now.
Two kinds – White Fox and Bakeneko Cat.


2b-a 32 icon NEW RELEASE 2 cute kawaii items for this Halloween!        

New release from HAPPY DISPATCH.
2 New cute kawaii items for this Halloween!



2b-a 32 icon NEW RELEASE My Friend Kitty san         

New release from HAPPY DISPATCH.
it makes you feel so stuffed, yes this is the certified and bonafied stuffed doll with original animations.

[HD]My Friend Kitty san Gacha key

2b-a 32 icon NEW RELEASE EDAMAME go with beer         

New release from HAPPY DISPATCH.
Would you like some beers and edamame beans?

[HD]Edamame go with beer

2b-a 32 icon SOLID Wood CHAIR RELEASE          

HD is releasing new version of Solid Wood Chair which totally re-textured.
And now this chair has 2 types, Natural Material set and Paint set.
“Natural Material” set that you can choose from Cryptomeria, Walnut, Red, Sapelli and Tamo texture.
Paint set you can choose from Red, Blue, Green, White and Yellow paint.
Until August 31st, This item is 50% off price. Don’t miss and come by!

Couple 280L -> 140L
Single 120L -> 60L

2b-a 32 icon We Join CCB            

Available at CCB event from May 21 to June 20. 20% off at this event.