[HD]cigarette Instructions

[HD]CIGARETTE -COOL- for woman ver 1.2
[HD]CIGARETTE -COOL- for man ver.1.3

Time Cycle
Frequency setting for how often you smoke. Default is 30 sec.

Changes languages for dialog menu. Japanese and English for now. If you like to translate in other languages please contact me!

Resize tobacco object. Tobacco is No-Mod to make it easier to position and make it impossible to break the object.

postural set
Select one from 3 tobacco holding postures.

Arm pos
To make you smoke cigarettes elegant and beautiful, It is important to find best matching animation and your shape.
Find best arms positions from this menu select the most close one that your hand goes to the mouth, then edit your tobacco position and rotation from SL edit menu to make it nicely to put tobacco in your mouth.
In Edit menu tobacco in your mouth will be indicated in red.
Try to position the tobacco in your hand overlap with the red one in your mouth.

Facial exp
Select facial expression animation for when you smoke. Only for BENTO heads.
The dialog menu with mesh head name ones are tested with their default shape for each heads.
If there’s request for the strength of animation expression and bento heads you like to use this tobacco with, please contact me via form.
Though it is really hard to get delicate nuance of facial expression or animation, I can not comply to every request especially full in detail ones.

When you like to quit smoking temporary, you can use this menu to stop smoking animation and hide tobacco without detaching.
If you like to start smoking again, touch the area around your right hand then tobacco will become visible again.

Smoke now button. Approx 2 second later for the first shot then you will smoke by seconds you set for Time Cycle menu.