[HD] bento Facial expression HUD for 6doo HUCI-01 Instructions(eng)


[            ]POSE[                 ]

         *Displayed only when tongue pose is selected


Fixed, Static poses for photo use.
Eye poses and Mouth poses can be selected separately, and you can adjust 10 levels of strength of the pose*.
*(Like mouth open one can be open small to open big)
You will find the best expression for your scene!

Combinations can be saved to the HUD!

*10 levels of strength for each pose are mean to be made that you can adjust your own shape and makeups. Even if they are all same weighted bento head, same animation and pose may look different by the skin, shape or makeups.
Your shape may not look too excellent for all levels of strength of each pose.
Eyes and Mouth poses can be adjusted for its own levels so please have fun with finding best combination for you.
There are poses indicated by same icons for both EYES POSE and LIPS POSE.
If you choose same icon poses for eye and mouth, or the ones in same column of the icon, it will blend better.
(h)[]3 Tongue positions[]
Now you can set from A, B, C – 3 preset positions for tongue out Poses.
A for 6DOO head
B for Lelutka and BJD
C for CATWA Catya, Daniel etc.It is also depends on your shape so you might pick other ones.
h(c) Go to next pose page (ver.1.3~)
Access to more poses!
(d)Save / load the combined pose.
(e)This button stops all animations.
You can move eyes toward 38 directions.
x to release.
(g)[]Ear ADJUSTR[] (ver1.1~)
You can adjust your ear angle beyond Bento shape with this menu.
10 levels of angles.

[            ]AO[                 ]



Action like sneeze or yawns. It will play random of those you enabled.
It can be played with expressions you made with pose mode. If you like to do that enable actions and blinks along with your pose expressions – it will make your avatar so lively!

[]Blink ON/OFF

[]Typing override talk animation ON/OF(ver1.1~)
Mouth will animate as you type in local chat. 3 different styles you can choose from.
Action like sneeze or yawns. It will play random of those you enabled and When AO of (1) is ON.
Click the AO you want to enable.
Red o is enable.Orange colored icons are modified ones for non-6DOO mesh heads.
You can select the time interval for playing AO.1-30 is between 1 second and 30 seconds. (Frequent)
1-60 is between 1 second and 60 seconds. (Occasionally)The number of seconds is randomly determined
This menu will load ADD-ON installed into the HUD.
As you touch this ADD-ON list dialog menu will pop up. Choose the one you like.
If the ADD-ON is already loaded on the HUD, it will not be listed in here.
If you like to change the order of the list, please try (6) to delete and add again.
If you like to delete particular ADD-ON, please click x icon at the same line of the ADD-ON.
It will not uninstall ADD-ON completely. You can call it back as described in (5).
To remove ADD-ON completely out from the HUD, please refer (7).
This will uninstall all ADD-ONs from the HUD.
Just in case you like to re-install every ADD-ONs.


(1)Default Facial expression sync On/Off (ver.1.3~)

If the animation currently you are playing contains default expressions while you are wearing the HUD,
Now Bento Heads does corresponding animation similar to original facial expressions.
This makes any of your animation featuring furnitures, equipments, HUDs, existing any items with original facial expressions now can be Bento’ed with this HUD.

*You might know that original default avatar expressions were pretty terrible face and some of them are not able to be replaced by Bento bones. So corresponding Bento animations in this HUD are slightly modified from original.
There may be a case that make expression worse by the way the expression used in some items.
*There will be 2 seconds like bento animation lag after you stop playing expression built-in animations. This is due to the way Second Life animation works.

To use-> Click then select (1) from the dialog, then make it ON or OFF as you need.

typeA typeB typeC typeD