It is free update so if you like please get it from redelivery server at headquarter.。-> How to receive


👍updated to match with tongues for *6DOO* bento Manga mesh head& *6DOO* bento Manga mesh head.

wolf Head

manga Head

Here’s new;

👍”tongue-sticking-out” pose has new UI.
※You can choose how you want stick your tongue out.
Choices are, A,B,C,wolf & Manga. Hope you can find the best fit tongue pose for your head and shape.

👍 Brand new 4 facial expressions.

👍 More varieties of blink animations. You can enable one of blink as the way you like.

Open setting menu then select 3-Blink.
Then another dialog will appear to choose from 1 to 8 blink animations.
As you choose the number blinking animation of your mesh head will be the corresponding one.
It is toggle. If you click one it enables blink animation then if you click once again it disables.

The ones with (enable) are blinking animations that your mesh head currently playing.

When the ON/OFF button of the blink is turned ON, the blinks that are enabled in the blink setting menu are played at random.

👍For Ears angle adjustment new “Flatten Ears” for caps is now added.
It will make ears really flat angle and actually slightly going into the head to make it easier when you wear caps.
To make this happen you can put Ears slider further left.



👍Fixed a bug that HD-empty5 error may occur when reading saved facial expressions.

*All bug fixes are on the website. This notice is more for updates.

How to receive update products

1. wear the upgrade target securities(or Redelivery ticket) on your body
///// upgrade target securities is “[HD] bento Facial expression HUD for 6doo HUCI-01Ver1.0~1.2 HUD
2. keep touching more than 2 seconds closer to the ‘UPDATE SERVER‘ at HD mainshop.

From ver 1.3 I have put Redelivery Ticket object in the same folder of HUD.
Attach ticket and touch Redeliveryserver. will check and deliver updates or redeliver if there is no update.
Prior to Ver 1.3, Expression HUD itself does that work above.