free update::[HD] bento Facial expression HUD for 6doo HUCI-01 ver1.1

Update summary

Update ver1.2/Bug fixd
[]Bug fixd[]
Fixed a problem that Pose playback is not performed smoothly.
Fixed a problem that blinking hardly occurs.

Update ver 1.1/free Update

[]Newly added[]
Two new expressions (for both eyes and mouth, 10 Levels of each) added.
Ear angle tweak menu added.
HUD color change menu.
Typing AO.
Now the HUD able to install upcoming ADD-ONs.
(There is no ADD-ONs out yet, in future.)

[]Changes and Fixes[]
Brushed up few AO animations and Poses.
4 Tongue out poses fixed.
Strong levels of tongue out poses are now more out for thicker lip shapes.

Now HUD delete itself if it is rezzed on the ground. (Just in case someone drops it)
LOD of HUD mesh is now more stronger just in case the HUD might be rendered as simplified shape in some lower graphic settings.

HUD design revised.

How to receive update products

1. wear the upgrade target securities on your body
2. keep touching more than 2 seconds closer to the ‘UPDATE SERVER‘ at HD mainshop.