My Friend Ghost *LIMITED* FOX

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My Friend Ghost Limited Edition! This time it’s a FOX! 5 colors and only limited to 200 foxes of each colors!

Uniqueness is not only the way it looks.
New gestures added from original gacha version! Now it’s so cute and cursed more than ever!

It’s The Ghost with various expression (Not facial).
This mischievous Ghost will meddle you and poke you to attract your attention.
You can take some actions against him as well (by using HUD).

Though he may or may not do desirable reaction at first. Please keep your best efforts to communicate with him. If you choose a pose for Screen Shot from the HUD. He will try to move inside the camera angle. Also you can share some snacks with him.
Make some good memories about the time you spend with him!


hd MY friend ghost addon gift

OFUDA (Paper Amulet)
If you attach HD group gift OFUDA you can pause The Ghost to the rest.
The Ghost will freeze at the very moment that you put OFUDA on him. Can be fun and cute when you can freeze him while he is on your shoulder.
Or you can enjoy your snack while he is freezing.
OFUDA is a HUD so you can click to freeze, click again to de-freeze.



Coming soon





Campaign Gift:


Snacks for original My Friend Ghost (gacha ones) can be used with this new FOX to enjoy snacks together. If you have them please try to feed this fox too!

Also if you try on the DEMO of this [HD]My friend ghost <LIMITED>FOX at the event SIM you will get new spider-web look like candy in advance to Halloween that you can eat with your Fox.
The Candy may distract OBAKE to trick on you a little so please don’t miss this opportunity.

* The Candy is MOD-COPY. If you wish, you can take out the script and animation from the candy and put them into something stick-shaped food that you have. Could be fun!
*DEMO version does not contain the HUD that product version has.




This item is available at KAGAMI event.


Hope you would come and fun