Edamame go with beer.

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[HD]Edamame go with beer

[HD]Edamame go with beer.

Would you like some beers and edamame beans?
You can be eating and drinking after you touch the beans on the tray and/or touch the beer to attach.
Owner of the object can change the color of tray (4 colors).
Coordinate them good for the place you rez.

Animations for both edamame and beer are designed to accommodate possible with sitting animations of various furnitures. You can enjoy beans and beers on your favorite sofa!
* If the sit animation leans too much forward or rotating toward back too much, eat and drink animation may not fit well.

It will put froth on your mouth when you drink the beer. If you rather not to put them just detach the temp attachment for froth.
Edamame in your hand will only show up when you actually eating them. It may look like nothing in your hand at the first time, please give your avatar a little time until s/he feels like to eat.

No script version included for decoration purpose.
0.5LI for Beer
1LI for Edamame Beans
If you link 2 beers it will be 1LI.

Tagged its own Experience.
You can put “Experence Happy Dispatch” issued by hiko Nino to Allowed Experiences List in your parcel.
The dialog to ask your permission of attaching props will be automated after you enabled this Experience.
How to allow:


[HD]Edamame go with beer



Coming soon



This item is available at ORIGAMI mall

ABOUT EVENT/an excerpt from official

Ubume 2016 is a Japanese horror event held in 2016 summer.
We are collaborated with ORIGAMI, a Japanese mall event!
Please enjoy our world created by staff of KAGAMI(2014) and ORIGAMI~Rinne(2015

ORIGAMI MALL…2016 JULY 15st ~ 2016 AUG 31st
UBUME GAME… 2016 AUG 1st ~ 2016 AUG 31st




Hope you would come and fun
This set will become available at headquarter shop after September 1.

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