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[HD]multi bento pose HUD beta 25% off
First of all, This HUD does not meant to be a tool that you can put scattered random poses in inventory into it.

In this BENTO time, Hands and Arms positions for Poses became more important.
I’ve been releasing Arm adjustable Bento pose series for quite a while and now you can put those poses into one HUD. It makes you easier to choose poses and adjust arm positions.
By putting into one same HUD you can mix arm poses from different poses.
* Please note this only works with Arm adjustable Bento poses from Happy Dispatch.
HUD and ADDON are both in affordable price and you can buy only the ones you need.

Please check the video to see how it works.

:: Play pose anims
20 Generic, easy to use poses with mirrors pre-installed.
From menu top on the HUD will pop up dialog that you can choose pose.
If the pose is arm-adjustable it will show ADJUST bar on the HUD.

:: Swapping Arm Pose
Once you choose an arm-adjustable pose, you will see the list of arm pose pictures on the HUD.
Click one you like then your arm pose will change. You can choose poses for right and left arms individually.
Current selected pose will be indicated with red background.
If the pose is something like arm sticking to body, you can tweak positions by 10 levels by ADJUST bar.
If you like to add more poses you need to purchase ADDON.。

::ADDON Install

Base poses and Arm poses can be added by purchasing ADDON. Most poses are arm-adjustable by 10 levels.
Both HUD and ADD on are affordable price range so you can buy only the ones you need.

Click Here For ADD-ON list

  • How to install:Attach Multi Bento Pose HUD.
    Attach ADD-ON as well and touch.
    Select “yes” when Dialog pop up then it will install ADD-ON poses into Multi Bento Pose HUD.
    Each ADD-ON contains nearly 400 files in there. It will take about 4 seconds to complete the installation.
    ADD-ON HUD itself (Ver1.2 or later) detaches by itself after the installation.
    * prior to V1.2 will tell you “finish” twice in chat then you have finished install.
    * F-01 (prior to V1.2) will tell you “finish” once in chat then you are good.If you touch ADD-ON and nothing happens, then you might not have Multi Bento Posed HUD attached, or it is not recognized.

:: BENTO HAND poses how to play
Click HANDS menu top on the HUD then it will show you HAND pose list.
27 Hand Poses pre-installed.
* Optimized for Maitreya Bento Hands
Animation Priority is set to 6. If you like to reset hand pose then select same exact pose again.

:: Head angle adjustment
47 Levels.
Use your mouse to drag Head Poser.
X button on the HUD to release.


White this HUD in beta it will be 25% off.

Please feel free to fill this form to give us your thoughts to improve our creations and upcoming releases.

////How to receive update/redelivery products

1. wear the RedeliveryTicket on your body
2. keep touching more than 2 seconds closer to the ‘UPDATE SERVER‘ at HD mainshop.




Confirmed bugs
Twist of finger of next pose(fixed in ver1.2.)

Do not return to the previous page with [<-] in the pause selection dialog menu(fixed in ver1.3)

The dialog menu does not display correctly when installing the twelfth ADDON.(fixed in ver1.3)

Save something with no pose selected and load it and you get an error saying that no animation is found.(fixed in ver1.3)

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this movie HUD and F – 01(add-on) pose are used.




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